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Namibia, Day 10, Monday, 24 April 2017. Etosha Safari Lodge to Makuti Lodge, Etosha National Park

Today we do the game viewing with the bus. We move from the Western side of Etosha Park to the most Eastern gate of the park. First stop the big waterhole outside the Okaukuejo camp. Unfortunately, with the rain we’ve been having, the animals can find water elsewhere and so the waterhole attracted no game except for a few birds. It must be a spectacular site when herds of different species congregate, especially at night when it is flood lit. Anybody planning a trip to Etosha should consider staying at that camp.
En route we saw about the same animals as yesterday plus a white rhino from afar. The waterholes are a bit disappointing but even without great game viewing it is a real delight to drive through the beautiful landscape watching the grazing animals.
We stop at the Halali camp for lunch. This is the only meal of the entire tour which is not included. Lindy advised us to make our own sandwiches from the lavish breakfast buffet. Very good idea. At about 2PM we arrive at the Makuti lodge, 5 min. outside the Lindequist gate. It is a very big lodge, very beautifully landscaped and with its own fauna. A small herd of Bontebeast lives on the estate and twice we saw them around the swimming pool, quite tame. They are native to South Africa. I also saw a Steenbock and the very pretty Lourie birds.
Marc had managed to buy some cigarettes from a staff member, so after supper the boys and I had some Amarulla with a cigarette by the bar at the pool, quality time! Dad joined us later. Sitting outside, listening to all the unknown sounds, smelling the Amarulla fruits fallen off the trees, and looking at the dark southern sky… not a bad day!

From Etosha Safari Lodge to Makuti Lodge with a stop at Halali, 198 km 
A Weaver bird and its huge nest
Kori Bustard
Blue crane
Blue cranes
Northern Black Korhan
Egyptian geese
Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk
The Etosha pan
Lonely tree
Male and female ostriches
Red billed Teals
Blacksmith Plover
Arriving at Halali.  Lunch at the waterhole
Google Earth view of Halali
Short picnic lunch with a view on the waterhole
Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Female and baby impala
An ant carrying a huge berry
Plain zebras
Mother and baby zebra
Black faced impala

Double banded sandgrouse



A lone White rhinoceros

Makuti Lodge
Our room
Lourie bird

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